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The carefree style of dixieland music soon lost favor to swing, especially after the stock market crash in 1929, but it did not disappear. From 1945 through 1960 dixieland actually became one of the more popular forms of jazz. The revival of dixieland in the 1940s can be traced to Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band out of San Francisco. Much of the music was based on King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, but Watters' developed his own style, sometimes called San Francisco Jazz. Eddie Condon was also influential in the revival of dixieland; he featured a dixieland band on his weekly half-hour radio broadcast Town Hall Concerts from 1944 to 1945 and led a band at his Chicago nightclub for a few decades.

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Dixieland jazz is a style that blends New Orleans jazz and classic jazz—also called "Chicago jazz"—of the 1920s. The music is generally thought of as a collective improvisation during the choruses, with individual solos that include riffing by the horns, and a two-to four-bar call and response tag game between the drummer and the full group at the closing of the song. While almost any song can be played in the dixieland style, the music is most often associated with about forty songs, including "That's a Plenty" and "Tin Roof Blues." Most dixieland bands are comprised of a trumpet or cornet, a harmonizing trombone, a clarinet, and a piano, string bass, or tuba.

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Dixieland Oasis

Musical styles with important influence from Dixieland or traditional jazz include Swing music, some Rhythm & Blues and early Rock & Roll also show significant traditional jazz influence, Fats Domino being an example. The contemporary New Orleans Brass Ba